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      Rugao Zhongchang Chemical Co., Ltd.
      Boron trifluoride acetonitri...
      Boron trifluoride acetonitri...
      Boron trifluoride-Dimethyl c...
      Boron trifluoride diethyl et...
      Acetyl Chloride...
      Hydrofluoric Acid...
      Ammonium fluoride...
      Barium fluoride...
      Contact: Fang Yongjun +86-13906273559
      Tel: +86-513-87839254, 87585888
      Fax: +86-513-87836588
      E-mail: rgfyjsjm@163.com
      Located in the fine chemical park of Rugao harbor economy & technology development district in Rugao city, Rugao Zhongchang Chemical Co., Ltd now enjoys good location: it is next to Changjiang River and Zhangjiagang city, and is only 35km and 30km away from Rugao city and Nantong city; moreover, it takes only 3 hours to Shanghai city through Sutong Bridge.

      Rugao Zhongchang Chemical Co., Ltd was registered and founded in Rugao technical business incubator in 2004, and we built related plant and facilities in Rugao Harbor Fine Chemical Park in 2005. Now, our business and production are both in a booming stage.

      Over years' hard working, we now have trained an honest, practical, united and enterprising work team. We now have 45 employees, 15 of them have the certificate of secondary technical school, 3 are senior engineers, and all our management personnel have the college education and own the medium-level technical titles at least. Their average age is about 32 years old. To obtained better workers (technical works and persons with college education) for operation positions, we establish HR supply relationships with Hunan Chemistry Academy and Hunan Changling Chemical Vocational College. We now are the practical base of these two colleges.

      Now, our office zone and production cover an area of 26,600sqm and we reserve about 16,000sqm for the future development; moreover, we will use 30,000sqm of lands for our second stage project and the development of new products. At present, we have built 4,500sqm of manufacturing plant and warehouse, and 1,200sqm of office buildings and living area; especially, 30% of plant area are covered by green plants. Moreover, our park offers us complete and enough public facilities, including sewage treatment system, power plant, and steam supply system. Now, the sewage pipe/power/steam network of our factory has connected with the network of park.

      Now, we mainly produce fluorine series of fine chemicals, including Boron trifluoride —acetonitrile, Pharmaceutical intermediates, Trichloroacetic acid, Butter of tin, and so on. They are well sold in China, especially our potassium bifluoride, trichloroacetic acid and Butter of tin are well sold in the international market. Over years' business activities, we have established co-trusted and mutual-benefited relationships with clients and agencies, and established an efficient and honest marketing network all around China. Taking the advantages of agents on location, we have sold our products in all the places of China, and some of them have been exported to other countries. Now, we are the net supply enterprise of Sinopec and PetroChina, and our products are highly appraised by Changling catalyst factory, Jianchang Company and Fushun catalyst factory, etc. In 2006, we sold more than CNY 80 million of products.

      Sticking to such tenet of "to produce quality products by good personality, to establish friendship by sincere heart", we strive to be an honest company and person; up to now, we have established trusted, close and fair friendships with customers and clients. We have been taking "quality is number one priority" since our foundation, therefore we have experienced great development in past years; all these successes are coming from customers' trusts on our quality. Now, all our staffs believe in such idea of "quality is our future" and we will lose our job or company if we offer customers unqualified products. We have got certificate of ISO9001:2000 quality system and established related QC system; now, all our procedures are controlled under this regulation.

      Over years' research and survey, we now have determined our development direction as "develop extending fine chemicals continuously, and develop Pharmaceutical intermediates steady". Through establishing close cooperative relationships with Beijing University, East China University Of Science, Jilin University and Beijing petrochemical science research academy on technical support, staff training and development of new products we are working hard for getting sustainable development and keeping improving producing technologies, products and core competence.

      We warmly welcome all circles friends to visit, cooperate and have business with us.


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